A Warband Glossary

Getting into Warband is easier than most other formats! Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to have a short glossary of some Warband-exclusive terms!

Library of Leng

Library of Leng, by Daniel Gelon

  1. An unofficial, super-fun, light-weight and highly asccesible format for Magic: the Gathering.
  2. Another name for your deck (consisting of your main-deck and sideboard).
Standard / Legacy Warband

Warband played with cards from the Standard or Legacy cardpool. In fact, Warband may be played with any cardpool (Modern Warband, Frontier Warband etc).



The rare and mythic rare cards in your warband. Up to 3 may be included in your main deck.



The uncommon cards in your warband. Up to 9 may be included in your main deck.



To drastically change your main deck after sideboarding. The sideboard in Warband is relatively  large compared to the non-land cards in your main deck. Furthermore, the sideboard may contain cards of any rarity, making it possible to switch captains between games. This makes it possible to dramatically change the composition and strategy of your main-deck after sideboarding and may be a clever way to trick your opponent.



Playing in such a way that you attempt to make your opponent play a certain card. This strategy is not unique to Warband but since Warband is a singleton format with small decks, sniping becomes more powerful. Knowing what cards your opponent may be (or is) playing and in what zones those cards are currently residing is important information!

For instance: You are playing standard Warband and your opponent is playing U/R wizards. On your turn she has two islands up, one card in hand and an Essence Scatter in the graveyard. You have a Hostile Minotaur and a Demanding Dragon in your hand. Is it safe to cast your dragon? How many 2-mana counterspells that target creature-spells could your opponent have? Her Essence Scatter is already in the graveyard after all! You decide to play it safe anyways, and lead with your Hostile Minotaur. Your opponents counters it with their Wizard’s Retort. You have now effectivly “sniped” all your opponents 2-mana counterspells and your opponent will now have to leave up three mana to threaten your creature spells (time to start sniping for their Cancel). 



A collection of cards in your warband that have strong synergies with each other or that are so similar that they perform essentially the same task. A cluster may, for instance, be “red damage spells that target creatures” or “green mana-producing creatures that cost less than 2 mana” or “cards that go well with Psychic Corrosion“. Thinking in terms of “clusters” makes deck-building easier.


That’s it for now! More terms will added to this glossary as Warband matures! If you have feedback or comments, please use the form below!

Have a great day!