What is Warband?

Do you remember the joy of cracking your first Magic: the Gathering boosterpacks and instantly starting to dream up your first constructed deck? Or the first time you did well in a draft and you didn’t want pick apart your deck afterwards?

Warband is the format that recreates that feeling!

The Balduvian horde

Warband is here! “Balduvian Horde” by Daarken

Warband is a low-priced and highly accessible constructed format that allows players to quickly construct decks with cards they’ll likely already have lying around! It’s a great way for enfranchised players to explore a new and exciting format whilst also serving as a perfect on-ramp to constructed play for new players with limited card-pools.

Warband is a 40-card, singleton, constructed format. The rules for deck construction are as follows:

  • The main deck (the «Warband») must consist of a minimum of 40 cards. There is no maximum deck-size
  • Excepting basic lands, the main deck may contain only one copy of each card 
  • The main deck may contain 0 to 3 rares/mythics («Captains»), 0 to 9 uncommons («Lieutenants») and any number of common cards. 
  • 15 card sideboard. The sideboard cards may be of any rarity. NOTE: Your post-sideboard main deck must still adher to the 3/9 restriction on rarity. 

Warband is primarily intended to be played with the standard or legacy card-pool. Ban-lists apply. That’s not to say that Warband can’t be played with any card-pool: From vintage to modern or block constructed. Warband is, after all, a casual format designed to allow players to have fun with cards they already own!

Start your brewing!

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