Is Warband in any way, shape or form supported by Wizards of the Coast or Hasbro?

No! Warband is a 100% unofficial format. Warband is also 100% nonprofit.


Is Warband worth getting into?

Yes! Warband is a ton of fun and it’s really cheap! In fact, if you own magic cards, you’ll most likely have enought cards laying around to construct a playable Warband today!


Does the limit on rare/mythic/uncommon cards apply to the main-deck AND sideboard?

No. The limitation only applies to your main-deck. Cards in your sideboard may be of any rarity (for instance, your sideboard may contain 15 rares). NOTE: Your main deck must at all times fulfill the 3/9 restriction on rarity. Sideboarding in a rare card in a deck with 3 rares in the main-deck means you have to side out one of the main-deck rares.


How do I find the rarity of a card? 

Warband considers the lowest rarity in which a card has ever been printed (in paper) to be its rarity. For instance, Lightning Strike was printed in Core 19 as an uncommon. It was also printed in Theros as a common. Thus the rarity of Lightning Strike will always be common.

Check out our Rarity Check tool to help you find the lowest card rarity.


What are “captains”, “lieutenants” and “clusters”?

Check out our Warband glossary!


How can I help Warband grow?

By playing Warband! And also by getting your LGS, play-group and friends to play Warband!


How can I contribute to the WarbandMTG blog or otherwise get in touch?

We would love to hear from you! Just use the form below to get in touch or find us on Twitter!